Need A Stable Job? Statistics Show You Should Work For The Government

Posted by supervisor

If you are trying to file for unemployment, the first place you should start to look for a job is with the government. President Obama has spent the last 4 years making government bigger and statistics show that the industry of “government” has the lowest unemployment rates of all.

While the national unemployment rate hasn’t been below 8% in years, the rate for government unemployment is just 5.1%. That means government workers have a much better chance of keeping their jobs than those people who work out in the “real” world.

Getting a job somewhere in government (state, local, national) just seems like the smart thing to do in 2012. If government is going to keep getting bigger, that means their workers are not as prone to lay offs and more hiring will be taking place than in most other industries. Here is a excerpt from New American:
















Government jobs are notorious for being relatively stable and you might have heard the joke that says if you want a job you can’t get fired from, work for the government. It looks like there is some truth to that as the low unemployment numbers for government workers show. So, take advantage of this opportunity and start looking for state jobs and jobs within government agencies.

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