How To Get Unemployment In Montana

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Unemployment Benefits in the State of Montana

You can file for unemployment either online or by telephone in Montana. To file online you should start here and there are tabs in the upper right (“Instructions” and “How Do I”) part of the screen which will take you to pages that should answer most of your questions.

For those who do not want to file online, you can also claim your benefits over the phone by calling the west side Helena Telephone Center at (406) 444-2545 or the east side Billings Telephone Center at (406) 247-1000 depending on where you live.

You should also take a look at the Montana Unemployment Insurance Handbook which is located here and is a thorough walkthrough of the whole process.

How Do You Get Paid?

Payment for unemployment benefits can be set up for direct deposit or paper checks. Debit cards are NOT available like in some other states. The direct deposit option is the best way and the safest way to receive your money in 2012

Get Turned Down? File An Appeal!

If your unemployment insurance benefits claim gets rejected you can file an appeal. Anyone who needs to file an appeal should start here. Not everyone that applies for unemployment gets accepted and you SHOULD appeal because you have nothing to lose.

Montana Unemployment Extensions:

Information about unemployment benefit extensions is hard to find. This is the one place that had up to date 2012 information about what you need to do to qualify for extended benefits and the different tiers you might be in – click here.


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