How To Apply For Unemployment In Utah

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Unemployment Benefits in Utah

People living in Utah are very fortunate that the unemployment rate in their state is much lower than the national average. Take a look at this chart for a comparison.

To start the process of filing for unemployment in Utah, go to this page which has links to most everything you need. Benefits in Utah will continue only as long as you continue to honestly look for work and provide at least 4 job contacts every week. If you are trying to game the system and are discovered, your UI benefits will be discontinued.

Filing A Claim For The First Time

It seems the best way to file your first unemployment claim is by doing it online. You need to sign up to the system and get a pin # so that you have an account. You can do that here and then you have to give a variety of personal information to actually sign up for unemployment benefits here.

This process will take 20 to 30 minutes so be prepared to give a lot of information about past employers, dates of employment, why you were let go, etc. Another page that shouldn’t be missed is this FAQ page that has a lot of answers for questions you might have.

You can also file by telephone and the numbers to call can be found here.

Claim Payment Methods For UIB

You can no longer be paid by a paper check. your only options are by direct deposit into one of your bank accounts and by a Utah State Debit Card. If you choose the card, you must be careful not to lose it or misplace it as that will result in problems. The preferred way to get your benefit payments is by direct deposit.

Utah State Unemployment Extensions:

Emergency Unemployment Compensation is now available through 12/29/2012. Just like in many states, there are three different tiers and you need to see which ones you qualify for. To do that, please go to this page and read everything there which will help you better understand how the system works.


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