How To File For Unemployment In Virginia

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Virginia Unemployment Claims:

To file for unemployment in the state of Virginia you have three options:

1) You may file online by going here

2) You may apply by telephone at 1-866-832-2363

3) You may complete a paper application and turn it in to the nearest VEC Workforce Center. Find the one closest to you here

Before you do any of those you should read this summary page to find out what is in store for you. Additionally, this FAQ page very carefully and thoroughly. It should answer many of the questions you have or will soon have.

This video can help:

VEC appeals information

As in most states, you can file an appeal if you get turned down for VEC. You can appeal in person at one of the many Virginia Workforce centers, you can fax in your appeal to (804) 786-8492, you can file your appeal online here, or you can mail in your appeal through the U.S. mail system.

The address for mailed appeals is:

Virginia Employment Commission
Office of First Level Appeals
P.O. Box 1358
Richmond, VA 23218-1358

Virginia EUC extensions:

With the economy being so bad, how to get a Virginia unemployment extension is of interest to many people who find themselves out of work and unable to get a job. A great place to start is on this page which gives information on the status of EUC extensions in 2012.


Virginia Unemployment Insurance
File Your Claim Online
Virginia Internet Appeals
Virginia Workforce Connection

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    I got my job at Gifted Minds back on August 17,2012. I want to cancel my benefits.

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