Oklahoma Unemployment

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How to get started filing for unemployment in Oklahoma:

In order to file for unemployment in Oklahoma you are going to have to deal with a website that is severely lacking in information and NOT helpful. Unlike other state websites that have links and explanations to everything you need, the Oklahoma website does not. The website to file your claim is located here but you HAVE to use Microsoft’s Internet Explorer 5 to get into the system to initiate your claim. If you don’t have that or don’t want to download it, you can’t file your claim online.

The only phone number given on the site in case you want more information is 1-800-555-1554

How you will get paid:

In Oklahoma state just like many other states, you have two options for payment: debit card or direct deposit into your bank account. They would rather have you use the debit card option because then you have to spend the money. Getting paid by check or cash are NOT an option. Information about both the Oklahoma Debit MasterCard and direct deposit can be found here.

Oklahoma UI claim appeals:

You are allowed to appeal any UI claim determination that is not in your favor. While there is little information about this on their website, this link to a video may help you with the appeals process.

Oklahoma Emergency Unemployment Extension Info:

There are three tiers and extensions have been given into the beginning of 2012. You will need to read carefully about what the rules are and to figure out what tier you are in. Please start here.


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