New Hampshire Unemployment

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Unemployment benefits in New Hampshire:

In order to file for unemployment in New Hampshire state, you need to sign up for their unemployment insurance system (NHUIS). You should start here and you will need to create an account by getting a user name and a password. Please make sure you read all the instructions very carefully so that your claim will be submitted successfully. You can also call this number if you need more information: 1-800-266-2252

Amount and duration of unemployment benefits:

Most everything you need to know about what benefits you will qualify for and how much they will be can be found on this page.

If your claim gets rejected, here is how to file an appeal:

You cannot automatically assume that your New Hampshire unemployment claim will be approved and accepted. Sometimes you might get a rejection and in that case you will need to file an appeal in which can be done by going here.

New Hampsire Emergency Unemployment Extension (EUC) Info:

Emergency unemployment benefits have been extended to 2/25/2012 and if yours run out before then you may be able to get an extension. This is a situation that may change after than according to what the political environment is. For full details on EUC please go here for current information.

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