North Carolina Unemployment

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Where to file for unemployment benefits in North Carolina:

To file for unemployment in North Carolina state you should start out at their main page that can be found here. As in most states, there is a one week waiting period that is unpaid and you will have to claim that week to get paid for it. This is why you should file your claim right away after losing your job and there are two ways to do this:

  • Your first choice would be to file for benefits online by going here
  • Initial claims can also be filed online by calling this number: 1-877-841-9617

Payment options:

In North Carolina state, you have the option of getting paid in two ways: by direct deposit or by debit card. You will NOT get paid with cash or check.

  • Information about the direct deposit option can be found here
  • Information about the debit card option and how it works can be found here

If your claim gets rejected, here is how to file an appeal:

Not all claims get approved and you may find yourself in that situation. If you do, your unemployment claim can be appealed. The best place to find information on filing an appeal is to go to this page.

North Carolina Emergency Unemployment Extension Info:

Emergency unemployment benefits have been extended two months into 2012. The best place to learn if you qualify and how to get them is by going to this page.

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