Minnesota Unemployment

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Unemployment benefits in Minnesota:

If you don’t want to miss any weeks, you need to file for unemployment right away after you lose your job. Failure to apply in a timely manner will mean there will be days or weeks where you don’t get a payment.
In Minnesota state you can apply for unemployment online or by telephone. To file a claim online you can go here and set up an account. – Applicant login. If you prefer to go through the process by phone please contact whichever number applies to you – 

  • Twin Cities area: 651-296-3644
  • Greater Minnesota: 1-877-898-9090

This information is required to file a claim:

Whether you file for Minnesota state unemployment over the Internet or by phone, the following information will be needed. Make sure you have these things in order to speed up the process:
  • Your Social Security Number (SSN)
  • Your official name, mailing address, zip code and PO Box if you use one
  • Your telephone number
  • Your birth date
  • Your State driver’s license, Photo ID card, or your Alien Registration Information if not a US citizen
  • Your last employer’s name, payroll address, telephone number, employment dates, and separation reason
  • The names, addresses, and dates of employment for ALL employers in the past 18 months
  • Union members must have their union hall number
  • Military members in the last 18 months need their DD214, member 4
  • Anyone wishing to get paid via direct deposit must have their bank account number and routing number

How to start the unemployment appeal process:

Anyone who get turned down for unemployment in Minnesota can appeal. Please download this information guide that will explain the process. If you were denied unemployment benefits on your first try, your determination will give you a time frame during which you must file your appeal. All unemployment appeals must be made online, by mail, or by fax and you can read more here.

Extended unemployment benefits in Minnesota

Anyone wishing to learn about how extended unemployment benefits are handles should go to this page. The state is trying to phase out extensions and there is currently a tiered system in place through 2011. This is something that is in flex right now because of the economy and the difference of opinion between President Obama and Congress.


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