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How to file for unemployment benefits in the state of Maine

If possible, you should apply for a Maine unemployment benefits immediately after you have been laid off or have your hours cut. Because benefit claims are never retroactive, you will not be paid for any time period prior to the date when you file a claim.

How to file a claim in Maine:

In Maine you can file for unemployment online for your initial claim.

  • To file your first claim or reopen a claim please go to this page: Maine Internet Claims System
  • Get more information by calling the claims center at 1-800-593-7660.

Information required to apply for unemployment benefits:

Please take look at the information below to see what is needed to file a claim for unemployment benefits in Maine. You should have this information available when you begin the application filing process.

  • Social Security #
  • Alien Registration Number (if you have one)
  • Information about all employers you worked for in the 18 months prior to filing your claim
  • Names of the jobs you held and the dates you worked for each of those employers

Once you file your claim, you need to make sure the system gives you a confirmation number. Only when you get that number will you know for sure that your claim will be processed.

How to file an appeal 

In the state of Maine you can file an appeal if you get rejected for unemployment. You will need these three things: 1) the decision number from the deputy, 2) your SSN number, and 3) benefit year ending. Please go here for more information on the appeals process and to file an appeal online.


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