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Changes for 2012 – Starting in July 2012, the amount you get in unemployment benefits will be calculated by the average wage you received during your last 4 quarters of employment. Also if you test positive for drugs and have a job offer withdrawn based on that test, you will no longer be eligible to receive Indiana state unemployment benefits.

Filing a claim for unemployment benefits in Indiana:

You should file your claim for unemployment insurance immediately following your last day of work.  This is because your benefits are only retroactive to the date that you submitted your claim and not your last day of employment.

  • The preferred and fastest way to file for unemployment benefits in Indiana State is online.  To access the online application please go to: Indiana benefits
  • If you are unable or prefer not to file an application online, you may also apply in person by going to your local WorkOne Center.  To find the Indiana State WorkOne Center closest to you, please check here: Indiana Offices

Information needed to file an initial claim:

When you fill out your Indiana unemployment claim in person or online you will need the following information:

  • Your Social Security Number (SSN)
  • Your official name, address and zip code
  • Your State driver’s license, Photo ID card, or your Alien Registration Information if not a US citizen Information
  • Your last employer’s name, mailing address, employment dates, and separation reason
  • If possible, your latest check stub from your most recent employer

Appeal a Claim Determination:

After you submit your initial claim a determination will be made as to whether or not you qualify for Indiana state unemployment insurance.  Not everyone who submits a claim will be approved. If you get a notice saying that you have been denied benefits, you have the option to file an appeal regarding your claim determination.  Here is a link to the Indiana State appeal information: File an appeal

Unemployment Extension Options:

There are different tiers of extensions offered based on the unemployment status for each
State. To learn about the Indiana State unemployment extensions please check
out the following information on this page: tiers of extensions

Important Indiana Unemployment Changes:

New changes have taken effect as of July 1, 2011 regarding who is no longer eligible for unemployment
insurance benefits.  Here is a link to the document:  new Indiana unemployment laws



Indiana Department of
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