Arkansas Unemployment

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2011 Update – Starting in March anyone who applies for unemployment will only be eligible for 25 weeks instead of 26 weeks. Also, $451 is the most you can receive per week and the list of reasons why your application can be denied has been expanded.

The best time to file a claim for unemployment benefits:

It is always best to file for unemployment as soon as possible after your last day of work. This is because benefits will only be retroactive to the date you filed your claim, not your last day of work. Claims can be started prior to your last working day, but they can’t be completed and filed until you are officially unemployed.

How to apply for Arkansas unemployment insurance benefits:

In Arkansas you can file an unemployment claim 3 ways:
1. You may file in person at any of the Department of Workforce Offices in Arkansas.
Here is a link to locate the office closest to you – Arkansas Department of Workforce Services
2. You may also file for unemployment in Arkansas by mail using the official forms.  Forms can be found in most public buildings within the State or online here.
3.You may file online via EZARC which is the Arkansas online claim site.

Information needed to apply for unemployment benefits:

The following information is needed in order to apply for Arkansas State unemployment benefits. You should have this information ready and easily available when you begin the application process. If you do not have all the necessary information you may not be able to complete your initial claim.
  • Your social Security number (SSN)
  • States you have worked in within the past 18 months other than Arkansas
  • Complete and correct information on your last employer
  • Your last day of work prior to applying for unemployment
  • Why you are no longer with your employer
  • Your driver’s license or State issued ID card number
  • Your mailing address, city, state and zip code
  • If you are not a citizen of the USA, you will need to provide your work authorization number

Contact Information

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Arkansas Internet Continued Claims System
Unemployment Claim Assistance
Department of Workforce Services Local Offices
Appeal a Claim
Application Form (hard copy) for Unemployment Benefits
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2 Responses to “Arkansas Unemployment”

  1. Misty Eades says:

    I applied for unmplyment back in April 2010, do i need to reopen my claim or file a new one?

    • supervisor says:

      If it is the same claim, with the same employer, for the same reason you should try to reopen your claim. Otherwise, you should file a new one.

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